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These pieces are drawn from my previous collections.  Click here for my current catalogue.

Jewellery Quarter collection — created 2006

To read about the inspiration for my Jewellery Quarter collection, click here.

Tall house brooches  Key brooches, pendants and tie slide  Pillow house pendants  Small pillow house pendants  House studs  Small house studs  House booches  Rings  House cufflinks 

Leamington Spa collection — created 2004

To read about the inspiration for my Leamington Spa collection, click here.

04-H0, 04-H1, 04-H2  04-PH1, 04-PH2, 04-PH3, 04-PH4  04-H20, 04-H21, 04-H3  04-HE2, 04-HE62, 04-HE3, 04-HE4, 04-HE5, 04-HE7  04-H14, 04-H15, 04-H16  04-HC8, 04-HC9, 04-HC10  04-HH1, 04-HH2, 04-HH3, 04-HH4  04-HE81, 04-HE82, 04-HE83  04-KP3, 04-KP2, 04-KE1  04-KR2, 04-KR1  04-H17, 04-H18, 04-H19  04-PH9, 04-PH12, 04-PH10, 04-PH11  04-H12, 04-H13  04-HR4, 04-HR5, 04-HR3  04-HP3, 04-HP2, 04-HP4, 04-HP1  04-PH5, 04-PH6, 04-PH7, 04-PH8  04-HC7, 04-HC6  04-HE41, 04-HE42, 04-HE43, 04-HE44, 04-HE45, 04-HE1  04-H8, 04-H7  04-M4, 04-M5, 04-M3, 04-M2, 04-M1  04-HE21, 04-HE22, 04-HE22  04-HC5  04-HC3  04-HC4 

Vessels collection — created 2003

Vessel pendants  Vessel brooches  Vessel outline rings  Vessel ring of three  Dish rings  Amphora ring and earrings  Vessel cufflinks 


Pillow houses are supplied in a scrubbed finish, whilst other pieces are satin. Many of the pieces may also be oxidised for a darker colour.

Details of which finishes may be ordered for each design are shown in brackets in the catalogue.

On a one-off basis I can make many of the designs in gold or gold plated silver. If you would like a quote for a piece as shown but made in gold or gold plated silver, please contact me.

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