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My work is available from selected contemporary jewellery galleries and design exhibitions across the UK and Ireland.  For a list of outlets, see How to buy.

If you can't get to a gallery or exhibition, then I would be very happy to send pieces by post.  Please contact me for further details, quoting the code number of the piece(s) you are interested in.

Birds collection

I make my new eye catching, colourful jewellery using silver and dyed aluminium. Inspiration for these pieces has come from architectural patterns and forms such as stained glass windows, decorative plasterwork, wallpaper and ceramic tile motifs, war medals, and Victorian jewellery.

Small aluminum pendant - dove on pink (08-DSP-P)  Long aluminium pendant - seagull on black (08-SLP-B)  Wide aluminium cuff - blackbird on pink (08-BWC-P)  Silver and aluminium ring - dove on black (08-DR-B)  Silver scroll studs with chain - long (08-SS-L)  Silver bird pendants (08-SP, 08-DP, 08-BP)  Silver flower drop earrings (08-FD-S)  Silver flower drop earrings - long (08-FD-L)  Large aluminium brooch - dove on turquoise (08-DLB-T)  Silver bird studs (08-STS, 08-SWS)  Aluminium drop earrings (08-SWD-P, 09-SWD-B)  Silver and aluminium rings (08-DR-P, 08-SR-T) 

I also make one-off pieces within the birds collection; some examples are shown below. If you would be interested in buying a one-off piece, please contact me to talk about what is currently available, or discuss creating something new.

Oval brooch with chains in alumium and silver - seagull on turquoise  Two-part rectangular aluminium necklace - swallow and blackbird on turquoise  Deconstructed pince-nez (08-oneoff-5)  Lorgnettes (08-oneoff-6)  Three loop medal (08-oneoff-7)  Swallow and scroll necklace (08-oneoff-8)  Seagull medal (08-oneoff-9)  Large black aluminium swallow brooch and large silver seagull brooch (08-oneoff-10, 08-oneoff-11)  Multi-chain medal (08-oneoff-12) 

Previous collections

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