Birds collection

My latest collection is made in dyed and textured aluminium with silver details. Each piece of jewellery is a composition, a window into a fantasy world where plants grow up the wall like wallpaper and swallows fly past chandeliers.

I explore thoughts about freedom and identity, with compositions of shapes from wallpaper, architecture, and historical fashions. One off pieces are also inspired by Victorian jewellery and war medals.

I am intrigued by how we adorn ourselves, the way we communicate through dress, and how we view each other.

I am also interested in our expectations and assumptions about jewellery - what it should be made of and how it should be worn.


I use dyed aluminium and silver to create a range of textures and contrasts in colour. The processes I use to dye and texture the aluminium mean that no two pieces are the same.

The colour varies each time, and the tactile pattern is applied to each piece individually to create different effects and combinations. Sometimes a dove is soaring high in an ornately decorated ballroom, or a seagull hovers against a background of wispy clouds in an open sky, and at other times a blackbird flies past wild flowers rambling up an old wall.

All these effects can be achieved by using different sections of pattern and then positioning the bird according to to the mood created.

Read more about my previous collections: Jewellery Quarter (2006) and Leamington Spa (2004).

About me

1981 > Born April Stock in Dorset, UK.

2003 > BA (hons) Jewellery Design, Buckinghamshire Chilterns University

October 2003 > Moved to shared workshop at Jane Moore Contemporary Jewellery, Leamington Spa.

July 2004 > Awarded grant by the Arts Council England.

July 2005 > Married and moved to Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

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